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Are You Looking for A Gentle and Safe System
Of Wash and Rinse for Vinyl Siding?
Or Pressure Washing for Cement and Decks?
We Can Do That For You!

Here is what just one customer said,

“It was my lucky day when I found Blueagle! I had planned to paint my house but I am so glad that I used your service. I can now put off painting my house for a few more years.” – Barbara P., Tega Cay, S.C. –

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Your Neighbors Will Believe you Just Painted
Your House Or It’s Totally And
Absolutely FREE!

That’s Right, if you do not believe our Low Pressure Exterior Cleaning System is the most through and safe you have ever experienced, we’ll return to make it right for free! If for any reason you are still not pleased, we will refund your money without hassle. We believe you deserve the best the industry has to offer and that you owe it to yourself to try Blueagle. Your satisfaction is our business and that’s why we make it so easy for you to say – YES!

Are the ugly mold and mildew stains growing on your home causing an unsightly condition. It may be brown, green or even black but it can be safely removed, giving your home a clean, new and brighter appearance.

Our cleaning product is bio-degradable and safe for shrubs, trees and landscaping. A Low Pressure System is used to apply our Product and to Rinse it off again. Cob webs, soil are removed and the graying on painted surfaces will be cleaned away. Screens may be left in place and the windows will dry clean and streak free. Our High Pressure System is used on Cement Driveways, Sidewalks and Wood Decks. We offer low pressure on Decks when High Pressure isn’t necessary.

Your home will look great, increasing in valuable curb appeal! Realtors have noted that any cleaning cost for cleaning on a home will yield eight times (8 X’s) the cost back when it sales. In the same way a good outward appearance increases sales value for neighborhood homes also which will add value to your home should you sell. This is why Property Managers and HOA- Presidents call us for special prices on multiple properties and for increasing value of home owners.

It might be added that our team will not leave a mess behind, no smoking on your property or foul language will be used. They work Quickly, Efficiently and Professionally. When finished, you neighbors will be wondering what you did to make your home look so fresh and clean!

Four Big Reasons Your Home Deserves A Proper Cleaning Now!

1. Painted, aluminum and wood siding has a soft finish, therefore when regular maintenance cleaning is neglected the beauty and appearance of your home and property suffers. Mold, mildew and pollutants attack the finish of your siding and will do permenate damage. The painted, aluminum and vinyl surfaces should be restored with proper cleaning to bring back that fresh clean appearance to your home and property.

2. Most vinyl siding is builders grade, therefore when mold, mildew or pollutants are not removed the result is a dull finish. Without proper care, vinyl can even become somewhat powdery and is prone to cracking and staining. All exterior surfaces are exposed to the natural outdoor elements which threaten the life expectancy and beauty of your investment. A professional cleaning will extend the need for repainting or replacing the siding for years and will return the natural beauty of your home and property.

3. With a downturned economy we often tighten the financial belt which has caused many of us to set aside the need to have our homes washed. This delay has caused an unsightly soil and mildew buildup which is distracting from the curb appeal and beauty of your home so now is the time to give your home the cleaning it deserves.

4. When neighborhood homes are neglected the overall value of homes in the area will drop. With area construction, red clay and other soil are been stirred on windy days and therefore, dust has been deposited on our siding, windows and painted surfaces. Mildew and pollutants have added to the problem. A proper cleaning keeps market values high and gives you that dream home appearance again!

Ten Reasons Why Blueagle Is The Company Of Choice?

1. BECAUSE YOU WILL GET PROMPT ATTENTION AND RESPONSE. We usually can schedule your cleaning within a week or two weather permitting.
2. BECAUSE YOU GET A LIVE PERSON WHEN YOU CALL. You will only get a voice message when the office is closed or if all the phones are ringing at once. Please leave a message and we will return your call promptly.
3. BECAUSE YOU WILL GET HONEST PRICING AND GREAT VALUE. We don’t bait and switch or use other gimmicks. We provide a free estimate and stick to it.

4. BECAUSE YOU GET THE SAFEST CLEANING SYSTEM AVAILABLE. We know how to clean your home and our system will not damage your siding, paint, windows or doors. We provide low pressure when cleaning your siding and rinse away the soil and stains.

5. BECAUSE WE ARE A LOCALLY OWNED FAMILY BUSINESS. As a family we realize that developing a relationship with our customers, and by understanding their needs, we are enabled to provide personalized professional cleaning services. Your cleaning need is our business and to that end we are committed to excellence.

6. BECAUSE WE ARE FULLY BONDED AND INSURED. In addition to the minimum required by law, we carry workers compensation. This is vital to Carolina homeowners as the law holds home owners responsible for anyone on their property which includes contractors. You are safe with Blueagle.

7. BECAUSE WE USE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCTS. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly, not abrasive to surfaces and do not threaten your shrubs, trees or landscaping.

8. BECAUSE OF OUR TRIPPLE A RATING WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. We have never had a negative report according to the Better Business Bureau. It is for that reason they have given to Blueagle their highest rating for quality work and customer satisfaction.

9. BECAUSE YOU WILL GET MORE THAN A GUARANTEE. We offer more than a guarantee by offering a complete refund if you are not pleased with our work and do not find it your best exterior cleaning experience yet. You are investing into personal satisfaction and we intend to provide it.

10. BECAUSE OF WHAT YOUR NEIGHBORS ARE SAYING ABOUT US. Perhaps no one can say it better than our clients. Therefore, we have provided a few “client proof reviews” of our work and there are many more like these in our files. We have developed a proven system through the years and clients like you have proven our system of safe exterior clean to be the best they have ever experienced.

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